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After much hard work I've finally finished my blog. I hope you enjoy my final video, ancillary tasks and the rest of this project. Thank you for your time.


Saturday, 10 December 2011

Evaluation Question 4

Evaluation Question 3

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

For the evaluation question three Hemal and I wanted to video our audiences feedback and response. We wanted to do so, so that we could easily pick out key feedback and so that the responses would be most accurate as they wouldn't be interpreted they would just be straight from the audience. Here are the three videos which I split into the categories of feedback for: the final cut, the digipack and the magazine advert. As you can see Hemal and I took it in turns to interview our audience whilst the other filmed.

Feedback for the Final Cut of the music video

After asking our target audience what they thought of our music video, "I really like it, I think it's really good, it's got a really good story" Hemal and I we happy with this first comment by a sixth form student as it showed that our narrative as a story was understood and could be related to "The narrative was really good because it shows the relationship between the couple and the breakdown of the relationship, it's really well structured." we were glad that the breakdown was conveyed well as some it could of been seen as ambiguous but thankfully our target audience was able to spot and understand the motion of the story behind the song.
"I think the best part of it was at the beginning when you have the camera moving from the artists feet to his face" I was pleased with this response as I was worried about narrative overpowering the performance or vice versa, but since one student liked the narrative and highlighted key points and the other student did the same with performance it shows we've obtained a good balance between narrative and performance in our music video. When asked "Do you think there is anything you can change from that?" in relation to our narrative and the sepia effects added to it, his response was "No because its shows it's a flashback and that hes singing about all his feelings" the fact that a member of our target audience was able to identify and understand the narrative and reasoning behind it shows that we have conveyed the story well, I was ecstatic that he was able to spot these details out and that there wasn't any ambiguity within these shots. "There isn't any rapid movement or rapid editing which goes well with the song because it's quite a slow emotional song" I'm glad the way the video was filmed and edited, with slower shots and scenes, was noticed. He understood the correlation between the slow pace and the emotional song, this was purposely done as any strong movement or editing would have looked really out of place and off key.

Feedback for the Magazine Advert

When asked what they thought of our magazine advert, we got very good feedback. They all believed it to be very realistic.
"The background is probably one of the best because its so simple the red n black fade brings attention to the artist." I was very happy with this response as the key effect I was looking for when creating the magazine advert was simple yet effective, the feedback showed me that I had achieved what I had intended to do with my design. "When you're looking through a magazine you'll be able to see it, 'Look, this is the new album they are coming out with' " this displayed the realism of the advert as the target audience even related it to running through a magazine in which my advert would stand out amongst the others. "I really like it, the contrast in colours with the red and black, the font is really good it goes with style of your magazine as does the pictures it goes with your target audience." the font was noticed which again I'm pleased about as I really felt I'd nailed the font to match my chosen genre, this was also reinforced with the point that this student said how she felt our pictures went with our target audience and how she then went on to say how she believed that you were able to recognise our chosen genre just from our magazine advert. " I think the magazine advert goes quite well as the red and black theme goes with the genre" again our genre is recognised which shows that we done well in relating to our specific conventions in rock, this was again noticed when he pointed out the use of the Kerrang! magazine review "Kerrang is actually specific to rock", it shows we've targeted our audience well.

Feedback for the Digipack

"The track list is the best I've seen, the way you put the titles around the pentagram" the unique point given to the digipack through this idea really worked, it was a key feature that many people pointed out and said they liked which was what my aim was when creating this on photoshop.
My general feeling on the digipack feedback as a whole was that we really pinpointed our genre and defined it well enough so that it was instantly recognisable. I hadn't received any negative feedback or any suggestions to change anything,  this made me particularly proud of this piece of work as I really felt I captured the audience and displayed all the known and associated conventions of the rock genre.

Directors Commentary Of My Final Cut

Evaluation Question 2

Monday, 5 December 2011

Feedback For My Rough Cut

We decided to let Hemal post our video onto his facebook to recieve as much constructive criticism from the 'public'.